Maverick Chain Gang Cycling Club


The Maverick Chain Gang is a group of cycling enthusiasts from Marshall, Carthage, Jefferson, Linden Texas and surrounding areas who get together to ride, visit, and get some great exercise in the beautiful East Texas countryside! We have regularly scheduled rides every Saturday morning and many "throw together" rides when two or more of us can get together. New riders are always welcome. See our RIDE SCHEDULE or use the CONTACT link for more information.



Some ride competitively, some ride for the workout, but we ALL ride because it's FUN! We accommodate all skill levels and strive to promote the great activity of cycling. Our Saturday rides are "no drop". That means you don't have to worry if you're not that fast or not familiar with the route. The ride leader will see to it that you are not left behind. We want your experience riding with the Chain Gang to be a great one so get that bike out of storage and hook up with us!


"Safety First". "There's Safety in Numbers". "Better Safe Than Sorry". All cliches... but all true. Group riding is much safer than going solo, if for no other reason than visibility. A large group can better be seen. Right? But there's more to cycling safety than just being visible. The Chain Gang always wears helmets, we are courteous to each other and other commuters on the highway and we follow traffic laws and look out for each other, alerting one another to hazards by verbal and hand signals. We want your ride with us to be SAFE as well as fun.


Membership in the Maverick Chain Gang is FREE. We require that all members wear a helmet on our rides and that you bring your own gear (water, snacks, proper attire, tire change equipment, and, of course, your road bike!) Don't yet know how to change a tire? No sweat, we're experts! You bring a spare tube and we'll get you back on the road in no time. For more info or to join our rides simply use the CONTACT link and send us a message. Looking forward to seeing you on the road!